bananas are radical

Goodnight my love 
Remember me as you fall to sleep 
Fill your pockets with the dust and the memories 
That rises from the shoes on my feet 

I won’t be back here 
Though we may meet again 

I know it’s dark outside 
Don’t be afraid 
Every time I ever cried from fear 
Was just a mistake that I made 
Wash yourself in your tears 
And build your church 
On the strength of your fears 

Listen to me 
Don’t let go 
Don’t let this desperate moonlight leave me 
With your empty pillow 
Promise me the sun will rise again 

I too am tired now 
Embracing thoughts of tonight’s dreamless sleep 
My head is empty 
My toes are warm 
I am safe from harm

THE most tragic song of all time

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Happy Birthday Paul McCartney!

Jeff Buckley, Paul McCartney, & Linda McCartney backstage after Jeff’s show, 1995

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Because (The Beatles cover)_Elliot Smith


Kevin Spacey and Elliott Smith


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The Glow Pt. 2 - The Microphones

I could not get through September without a battle
I faced death
I went in with my arms swinging
but I heard my own breath
I had to face that I’m still living

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